Courses from Paul Babra

Let's face it with the internet, you can learn just about anything online these days. You can take courses on anything from Rocket Propulsion to Advanced Mathmatics but cuisine is one of those rare subjects where you can only truly learn by working alongside a true expert. Lets face it you won't find professionals like Gordon Ramsey & Jamie Oliver training you on Youtube!

And if learning the art of Indian Cuisine takes your fancy, then a course with Kent's premier Indian Chef Paul Babra is exactly what you need to take your interest to the next level.  With one of Pauls courses, you won't only learn about the delicate flavours required or the aromatic herbs & spices that go into creating the perfect Indian meal, you will learn the cooking techniques, the nutritional values and the long traditions behind some of our most loved Indian dishes. Most of all, you will learn to do this the right way with a highly experienced Chef guiding you on your journey.

Paul Babra offers either 1-2-1 personalised training which can be at the Canterbury Academy or in the comfort of your own home. Or alternatively he is happy to teach small groups and conduct workshops, particulary for schools and catering insitutions.

For more info, call Paul on +44 (0)7568 064073
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