Specialist Sauces

Spicy Sauces for Connoisseurs

Pauls' sauces have been described as "fantastically fiery", "deliciously tantialising" and "a hot sensation in a jar".  People have actually run out of adjectives trying to summarise the unique flavours that Paul creates with his sauces. Only once you sample them for the first time, will you understand this isn't just marketing hype but you are tasting something that is truly special.

Paul Babra Sauces offer the perfect combination of ingredients, expertly blended to create the most evocative of sauces for cooking, dipping and garnishing. Choose from our exotic range DYNAMITE (KISS OF FIRE), FEROCIOUS (DEVILISH DARE), TARKA (CURRY SAUCE), MINT & TAMARIND SAUCE or HOT CHILLI & GARLIC.

These are sauces for connoisseurs and foodies. They are not available in the shops, only via direct order from Paul Babra so simply call or fill in our enquiry form below.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
Available in 250mg jars and mixed gift packages.
No artificial colours, additives and flavours added.
Call us on +44 (0) 756 8064073
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